The Legend of Deification (2021)

Telugu Dubbed

The Legend of Deification (Telugu)
 IMDB Rating:

5.6/10 from 19,841 votes




Action Adventure Fantasy

 Directed by:

Zhou Jingfeng

 Starring by:

Huai Wen Lang Feng Moe Jiang





 Story Plot: 5000 years ago, Chihou was defeated by Huangdi and sealed somewhere deep in the East China Sea. The landscape of the world was hence settled down. 3000 years after that, having undergone a personal cultivation in Kunlun Mountain, the young Li Jing was asked to go down the mountain and eliminate the demons in the world. On his way, Li Jing made acquaintance with Jiang Ziya, a wise man, Feng Shi, a young girl, and Ao Guang, a flood dragon.
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