Lei Zhen Zi of the Creation Gods (Telugu)


Lei Zhen Zi of the Creation Gods (Telugu)
 IMDB Rating:

3.0/10 from 3,651 votes IMDb





 Directed by:

Chen Feng

 Starring by:

Norman Chu Wu Chun-Yi Yu Li





 Story Plot: The story is about Xia Ding, who was the son of a general in Xiqi City. A wicked person invaded and killed Xia Ding’s parents and all the soldiers in Xi Qi. Xia Ding fled to Taiping City. Where he grew up with a girl named Ali. who had a similar experience of being bullied by the city lord’s son. However, in order to protect the people of Taiping City Xi Ding fought against dragons and wolves. When barbarians invaded Taiping City Xia Ding finally discovered that he was the Thunder God’s chosen one. He expanded his wings, summoning thunder and lightning. Kill all the barbarians. and also killed the witch who was helping the barbarians. Unfortunately, Xia Ding’s lover, Ali, was killed by a witch. Xia Ding used his wings to protect Ali and turned into a stone man. One hundred years later Thunder and lightning occurred. It broke the rock and gave birth to a boy. Ji Shang happened to pass by and adopted this boy as his son.
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