King Serpent Island (Telugu Dubbed)

Telugu Dubbed

King Serpent Island (Telugu)
 IMDB Rating:

5.6/10 from 1,654 votes IMDb




Action Adventure telugu Thriller

 Directed by:

Huanxiang Chen

 Starring by:

Shao Yun Steven Liu Wang Hong Qian Xu Ning





 Story Plot: The film tells the story of Chen Zheng and co.’s fight with the greedy snake catchers to preserve the endangered python. Chen Zheng, retired special soldier and national snake data collector went for data on King Serpent Island with Zhou Xiaoxiao and Ma Fen. Unexpectedly, they met the evil snake catchers led by Jin Laosi. When the python was laying eggs, the two groups of people had an intense fight after which Chen Zheng and co. left the Island safely while the greedy Jin Laosi was swallowed up by the python. In the end, King Serpent Island is listed as a conservation area for snakes and Chen Zheng and co. protected ecological peace and the nature successfully.
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